#paperless # Microsoft Full review of the iPad pro version of MS OneNote (2019)| Paperless Student

Hey guys,

Decided to do an updated OneNote review while waiting for Notability’s next biggest update! Would you be interested in a comparison video? Let me know.

Time stamps
Supported devices 0:49
Basic layout of the app 1:24
Organisation of notes and creating new notebooks in OneNote 1:50
Pages and subpages and editing them 2:52
Password protection for your sections 4:43
Editing your notebooks in oneNotes 5:36
Page customisation 6:27
Taking notes in OneNote 7:51
Text editing in OneNote 8:00
Bullet points and numbering 9:19
Adding headings 10:26
To-do lists 11:01
Tags 11:15
Insertions (things you can add to your notes) 11:39
Tables 11:44
Photos 13:13
Audio 13:55
Other files (videos) 14:24
PDF files 15:22
url links 16:13
Equations 16:25
Handwriting with the apple pencil in OneNote 17:21
Lasso tool 17:29
Eraser 18:05
Handwriting tools 18:17
Shapes tool 19:03
Immersive Reader 19:56

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