DIY Resin Geodes Surprisingly Easy!

We made resin geodes and they’re pretty dang magical! Go to and use code EVANANDKATELYN, to get 66% off a 2 year plan. Protect yourself online today!

Our X-Carve CNC:
Total Boat Epoxy kit with pumps!
ISOtunes, our fave hearing protection:

Resin Basics video:
Our geode design files:
Inspiration: @laura_made_it on Instagram

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3D Sage

TOOLS / MATERIALS (affiliate)
■ X-Carve
■ Total Boat epoxy kit w/ pumps, containers, and sticks (slow)
■ Powdered pigments
■ Alcohol inks
■ Big crystals
■ Small crystals
■ Plastic crystal beads
■ Cordless sanders
■ Blue chunky glitter
■ White fine glitter
■ Plastic drop cloths
■ Silicone mold
■ Tiny cups for mixing
■ Big stirring sticks
■ Small stirring sticks
■ Propane torch +
■ Small level
■ Hot glue gun

FILMING GEAR (affiliate)
■ Fujifilm X-T10 (main camera)
■ 35mm F 1.4 lens (makes things look fancy)
■ Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 V (slow-mo camera)
■ Main tripod
■ Pan head for tripod
■ Lighting kit
■ Wireless lav mics

Light by David Cutter Music
Upside by David Cutter Music
Milkey Way by Joakim Karud
Off Balance licensed via Audioblocks
Almost Original by Joakim Karud
Barnyard Bash licensed via Audioblocks
Show Love by Joakim Karud
Nightfall by David Cutter Music
Any Day Will Do licensed via Audioblocks

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