ASMR 💓 Skull Shaver Thorough Cleaning Maintenance

De-gunking my Bald Eagle Skull Shaver after a month of regular use and recommended rinse after each shave.

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Necessity is the mother of invention truly applies to this invention of Skull Shaver. John Lyles, inventor of Skull Shaver began losing his hair at an early age. He decided to carry bald head which looks much cleaner and neater. He found himself spending half an hour or more shaving his head. That's when he came up with the first electric shaver that was capable of dry shaving of a head completely bald. Shape of this shaver is radically different to allow easy reach of all sides of a skull. Neel B. Kulshreshtha and John Lyles have been working on this project since 2010 and finally succeeded in producing this invention after multiple attempts and prototyping. Because of its unique design and utility USPTO (see citations below) granted design and utility patents to this product. Thousands of reviews of this product on Google, Yahoo and Amazon show that overwhelming number of folks who shave their head bald are giving a 5 star rating to this invention. Many of these reviews indicate that they are able to shave their whole skull in as little as 90 seconds.