3 DIY Marvelous Miniature Garden Ideas

As magical places for kids and adults alike, these 3 DIY Miniature Gardens are a fun way to create tiny landscapes that capture whimsical settings and add some creativity to any given space. Take your garden to the next level with these unique ideas that are great for indoor or outdoor settings.

Who says miniature gardens always have fairies? Switch it up and opt for a dinosaur volcano garden that the kids will absolutely love. This fun garden design features a clay volcano with glitter lava, growing greens, and various Dino species. Take this as a fun opportunity to teach the kids about dinosaurs and paleontology!

Next up we have a winter wonderland garden that is perfect for holiday decor or to be placed in a cozy cabin. This charming winter scene is complete with snow, trees, and pinecones. If your tabletop or mantel is in need of a little magic, be sure to add some warmth with this homey, whimsical winter garden.

Lastly, we have a fun treasure garden that brings a sense of seaside enchantment to your home or outdoor space. Another garden that the kids will enjoy, this one is decorated with sand, water, shells, and fun treasures. X marks the spot, so add some fun pirate knick knacks or even sea glass found on the beach.

The sky is the limit when it comes to miniature gardens, so great creative and have fun because there are no rules!

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0:07 - Dinosaur Volcano Garden
1:17 - Winter Wonderland Garden
2:39 - Treasure Garden

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