Brilliant girly hacks for everyday life

If you are looking for inspiration to play around with your look and experiment with new styles, makeup and techniques then this video is for you! We wanted to share with you some amazing girly hacks that you can try in your everyday life to see how well they work for you too. We show you how to contour your abs, how to make your belly appear slimmer how to make your own beauty masks and many more.

- If you are looking to get toned, but it seems like it's a lot of work while summer is just around the corner, we show you how you can fake toned abs through the art of contouring. You only need to contour and then highlight the six-pack and then blend it all out evenly to make it look more realistic.
- Our teeth tend to get stained when we consume a lot of coffee, tea, and wine. Pretty much anything that contains a high concentration of natural colors can stain our teeth. So, in this video, we are sharing with you an amazing DIY teeth whitening recipe that will help you get the best smile out there. Simply mix some toothpaste with some baking soda in a slice of kitchen foil and apply that on your teeth. Let it sit there for a few minutes and see the magical results afterward.
- Our skin tends to get tired and kind of damage just by going through our everyday life. Our skins breaths in all the toxins in the air and our pores get clogged by the minute. So, in this video, we show you how you can create your own peel-off mask using some PVA glue and some activated carbon. Simply mix the two together, apply the mixture on your face and then peel it off when it feels dry.
- If you are looking to look fabulous and you'd like to try on and make your own romantic rose shapes nail design we show you a very easy tutorial to do so. The only things you'll need is a red, a pink and green nail polish. You lay them all on a piece of plastic wrap, draw the rose just as we demonstrate in the video, then draw the leaves and finally using a toothpick add the highlights. Then you can transfer those nail designs to your nails to give them some more life.

Watch our whole video to discover all of our amazing hacks, such as how to blend your foundation when your beauty blender is damaged and many more.

0:07 - How to appear skinny in photos
2:19 - Teeth whitening recipe
3:20 - DIY peel-off mask
5:01 - Rose nail art
6:45 - Beauty blender hack
7:53 - Fake lashes hack
10:12 - DIY stripless wax
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