Ogee paper lamp how to DIY an elegant paper pendant lamp/lantern EzyCraft

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In this video, I will show you how to make elegant paper lamp. The name 'ogee' is derived from the curve that is mixed with concave and convex forms. To DIY this lampshade, you will need to first prepare 6 copies of squares. This can be easily achieved by making one first and use that as a mould for the rest 5. With tracing paper, the A3 size will give an immediate 42 cm in width. All you need to do is cut to 18 cm in length.

This lamp stands about 33 cm tall and 25 cm wide. Its form somewhat resembles my previously made paper lamp/lanterns:

Cathedral light (https://youtu.be/eMM3OLV2Qpc)

Eternal flame (https://youtu.be/QczHvUTpiPI).

Please use the low energy LED light bulb. In this video, I used 5W LED, with emits the light with a 40W capacity.

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