How to Make a Duck Tape Coin Bank

This is a 2 minute and 31 second video featuring Marisa from Duck Tape showing you how to make an easy craft, a Duck Tape Coin Bank!

Marisa uses simple supplies to craft this Duck Tape Coin Box. She takes scissors, an empty tissue box, a cutting mat, and Duck Tape to make this one-of-a-kind handmade craft. The possibilities are endless for this craft with the multitude of colors and patterns offered from Duck Tape. This is an easy craft to make for yourself, friend, or family member.

Duck Tape is tool for everyday repairs around the house or adding that special touch to your latest crafting project. It also has high performance strength and adhesive characteristics that easily tears by hand without curling, conforms easily to uneven surfaces, and on various surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, vinyl, and laminate. What will you craft will you make using Duck Tape?