TOP 10 DROPS 😱 Grand Beatbox Battle Solo 2019

Check out the Top 10 Drops of the Grand Beatbox Battle 2019 in the Solo/Showcase category. These are the best beatbox drops and moments of the entire solo event. Big up to all the participating artists.

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00:05 ZEKKA
00:42 COLAPS
02:12 D-LOW
03:26 MB14
04:35 B-ART
06:23 ELISII
08:20 D-LOW

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Thanks to the involved parties:

Thanks Robert Ruszcyk & your team to set up our 11th edition of GBB19 in Warsaw, Poland at Stodola Klub! Thanks Stodola.
Thanks Rob for the whole coordination.

BIG THX TO THE CAM & AUDIO CREW. Thanks to the entire team for doing an amazing production for this years edition.

Madox from SBX, Kazu from humanbeatbox, Adam Andrew Corre from Beatbox Television, David Greuzinger, Luca Saavedra, John Richter, Max Göttert & Dennis Biskup. Your work this year was insane. THANK YOU.

Audio mixed/mastered by Sinjo from SBX & thanks to Kuba, you are a legend! Thanks for the whole live sound & the whole work at the venue. You are legends! THANK YOU.

Shoutout to Madox & Sinjo!

Thanks Asia Beatbox! Mic Lee is one of the biggest legends.
Thanks Benjamin Williams for the whole help these days.
Thanks Trung Bao for all you did.
Thanks to Juliana, Azel, YasSon and Azel for the big help at GBB.
Thanks to Patchwork and Chmielna hotel for the hospitality.
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