Healthy Crispy Chicken Wings

We’re no experts in the bounteous world of chicken wing recipes…but we know how we like ‘em – tender on the inside and extra crispy on the outside! This is our favorite method of making healthy chicken wings that surprise and delight anyone who tries them. The meat is so tender it falls right off the bone when you bite through the scrumptiously crispy skin. No one believes that we didn’t deep-fry them!

THIS IS NOT AN INSTANT POT TUTORIAL. You should be familiar with operating an Instant Pot pressure cooker to follow this method precisely. Alternatively, you can use a large pot and steaming rack to steam the wings covered for about 20 minutes before broiling. Steaming the wings cooks the meat and renders out the fat which makes them healthier than deep-frying.

Check our social channels to see video of the mind-boggling amount of fat we rendered out of this batch — it’s sooooooo gross!


What you’ll need:
3-4 lbs. of pre-cut chicken wings (clean the chicken however you like), seasoning of your choice (I used “21 Season Salute from TJ’s), ½ cup water, mild-medium-hot wing sauce and/or your choice of whatever sauce, an instant pot or something to steam with, a cookie sheet and cooling rack, some tongs or similar utensil for handling the wings

1. Pour water in Instant Pot Can and add steamer rack
2. Wash and dry chicken then place into large bowl, (no oil needed) sprinkle seasoning, salt and pepper then toss to coat, repeat a few times for adequate coverage
3. Place wings in Instant Pot, cover and set to cook for 10 minutes
4. After steaming, place wings on wire rack/cookie sheet, don’t overcrowd so to make turning easier
5. place on second-from-top rack or at least 8 inches from preheated broiler, broiling 5 minutes for each side, but be sure to keep a consistent watch to prevent burning too much
6. Remove from oven and toss in your favorite sauce or serve naked for dipping

Enjoy! :)


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