Who's the BEST UX Designer in the WORLD? (not clickbait)

Who's the BEST UX Designer in the world? Why do UX Designers Drink so much? What's the difference between UI and UX Design? FIND OUT in this video! As AJ&Smart CEO and UX Designer, Jonathan Courtney, answers the top-rated (and WEIRDEST) questions on Quora, relating to UX Design!

Join us on this decent into chaos, as we open the hurt locker on what the internet demands to know about the fields of UX Design, the DO's and DON'T's and why birds make weird illustrations for digital design books...

What questions do you have about UX Design but were too afraid to ask?! Do you agree with our answers to these questions?! Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Who's the BEST UX Designer in the world?