5 PERFECT Amazon FBA Niches For Your First Product

People always ask me "Dan, what are the BEST Amazon FBA niches to start selling in and make money?"

Up until this video, I've kept my TOP 5 Amazon FBA niches secret. In this video, I reveal all the best niches that I think have the most opportunity to sell in and make money in 2019 and 2020 on Amazon.

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Usually I don't like making videos talking about "Hot Products" or "Best Niches" because we all know that those people that make those kinds of videos over and over are just mostly trying to hype up their audience with short term product ideas that MAY work for a few weeks but can't stand the test of time.

However, I decided to make this video today because I thought it would still be incredibly for anyone looking to learn how to sell on amazon FBA for beginners.

The truth is: there are billions of products on Amazon FBA in every single niche that make anywhere between $100 - $300K/month (according to Jungle Scout.)

That just proves that anybody can make money and succeed on Amazon if:
- They take action
- They believe in themselves
- They learn from the best and have the right, most up to date information

The most important step when you're just starting out is to just focus on getting a great profitable Amazon FBA product up and running.

The way to do that is by going one step at a time, doing product research, investing in yourself in a course and mentorship program, planning out your brand and how you will expand it with other products.

That is really what you need to concentrate on when you're just starting out.

I know how you feel - you WANT the freedom, you CAN'T WAIT to quit your 9-5 job that you've been stuck at for ages, and you're wondering when and how fast this freedom will actually come...?

Well the truth is - it will come as soon as you START TAKING the necessary steps to finally start working on your OWN dreams instead of spending an entire life working for somebody else's...

The 5 Perfect Niches are:
- New Electronics
- Home & Kitchen
- Beauty & Personal Care
- Premium Kitchen Accessories
- Pet Supplies

These are all my favourite niches to sell on Amazon and I truly believe and know that you can launch products in these niches, build an amazing business and brand, and finally achieve the freedom you've been waiting for.

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