How to Shave Poodle Feet

How to shave Poodle Feet | In this video I demonstrate how to shave Poodles feet.
In the Grooming world they are usually called Clean Feet or Poodle Feet.
Blades that can be used are a #10, 15, 30, or 40.

Use caution when clipping a light colored Poodle as there skin is more prone to irritation after clipping and puppies that are having their feet shaved for the first time.

Generally the more you clip the feet the more you can use a shorter blade unless the feet are sensitive. A #10 is your go to blade.

I am using a Bravura Trimmer an adjustable blade that can be adjusted to a #9, 10, 15, 30 or 40.

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Bravura Trimmer:
Adustable Blade for the Bravura:

A clipper can be used and use the appropriate sized blade. Usually a brand new clipper comes with a #10 blade.

Wahl Clipper:
# 10 Blade for Clippers:

Use caution not to cut into the webbing on the feet.

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