NOMAD Rover Robotics 4x4 Project RC Arm attachment

This is the Nomad 4WD Off-Road Chassis kit! A remarkably easy to assemble robotic platform capable of taking you places a normal chassis can’t go. What makes this chassis kit great is not only its vast amount of attachment points for various add-ons, but also the fact that it is easily and fully configurable to fit your needs! This chassis is equipped with four 5.4" diameter by 2.25" wide heavy duty tires, four super duty, ball-bearing planetary gearmotors with full metal gears and a ball-bearing pivot suspension.


5/8 pipe 4' 6' 12'

4 Tube Clamps

3 Servos 90º and 2 of the 180º

1 Even Stronger Servo (HS-7950TH)

3 Servo Blocks

1 Servo GearBox

Pin Crimpers

Servo Wire SW22ST

Parallel Gripper Kit A

90º Tube Clamp