Glow in the dark Epoxy Resin End Table DIY

Glow in the dark epoxy resin End Table.
Wood, Metal and Epoxy, Life is good!
A few weeks ago I decided that I would make my eldest Daughter something for her up coming birthday, I had 3 weeks to get it finished. I figured I would easily get this done in time. Well between work and other projects that I had to finish I just barely made my deadline. Like one of those crappy fake-ality shows on TV.
DISCLAIMER... I am not an expert, Im just a beginner. I more than likely made a few mistakes, but here is my journey in the creation of a End Table for my oldest Daughter.
I bought the Epoxy and colored glow pigments from amazon,
Glow in the dark powder
Crystal clear Epoxy
The metal I bought from a local welding shop. (way cheaper than Home Depot). Total cost around $140...
Thanks for watching... BB23