Barbie and Her Friends Head Home for the Holidays | Barbie

Barbie and her friends have so much going on, but when it comes time for the holidays, home is where the heart is! The gang is reminded of the nearing festivities with holiday baking and decorating all around them. Barbie doll bakes cookies for her sisters while camping in the Barbie camper, another friend performs with the Dreamhorse in a holiday show (right next to a Christmas tree), two more are on the road in the Barbie convertible and another is in the air in the glamour jet. But soon, they will all be in the same place to celebrate together -- home. There will be gift giving and caroling and all kinds of fun because at the Dreamhouse, the more the merrier! Where will you be spending your holidays?

The dolls and play set included in this video are:
FBR34 Barbie® Camper
FDB40 Barbie® DreamHorse™
DVX59 Barbie® Vehicle
DMR53 Barbie® Glamour Jet
FFY84 Barbie® Dreamhouse™
FBR37 Barbie® Fashionistas™ Doll Assortment
DWK44 Ken™ Fashionistas™ Doll Assortment
FDB44 Barbie® Sisters Campfire Doll
DWJ63 Barbie® Sisters 2-Pack Assortment
DWJ33 Barbie® Club Chelsea™ Doll Assortment

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Barbie and Her Friends Head Home for the Holidays | Barbie