Applying NGR Dye Stains with HVLP

Special Note: This is a very short clip and does not show the whole set-up and spraying procedure for NGR Dye Stains. To see the 10 minute video segment on how to set-up and spray dye stains please visit my Blog at . The video will be on the Wood Finishing Training Video Sample post. Other clips are also included on my Blog along with lots of information that I hope you find useful. If you are using Internet Explorer you may not be able to view the video. If you have another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox you should be able to view the whole 10 minute video.

n this video clip from the "Selecting the Right Spray Gun Technology for the Coating to be Applied" we demonstrate the use of an HVLP Gravity Gun to apply dye stains. In the full length "Operator Training Program" video, we go into detail on what type of atomization technology (spray gun) that we recommend for the different finishes as well as the different productivity requirements that you may have.

If you are in need of hands-on training or if you are looking for ways to improve finish quality, productivity, eliminate rejects & rework, reduce waste generation and reduce solvent and coating use, these services are also available. For more information please visit us at .