Zodiac MX8 Getting Stuck, Moving Slowly or Going in Small Circles

In this video I will show you how to solve the main three problems you will have with your Zodiac MX8 as it gets older. The unit here is 3 years old. I will show you how to fix your MX8 if it is going in small circles in the pool, getting stuck on the steps or in a corner and if it is moving very slowly even with very good suction.

I was going to make it into three separate videos but I figured if you have an MX8 you will need to do both or all three repairs eventually so you might as well see it all at once.

Here are the parts you will need for this:
(1) Mx 8 Engine Assembly R0524900
(1) Mx 8 Direction Control Device Side B R0524800
(1) Mx 8 Direction Control Device Side A R0524700
(2) Bearing (Wheel & Engine) R0527000

The great thing about the MX8 is that it an easy cleaner to work on. It is pretty well engineered but it is a gear cleaner so the parts that drive it will wear out.

The first thing I show is if the cleaner is moving in small circles in the pool. I took this solution from Troublefreepools. Here is the actual link and solution from JGUY:


This is a great pool forum (although I have a lifetime ban -- long story). It seems to solve the problem.

The next problem is if the MX8 is not reversing. That is solved by replacing one or both of the Direction Control Devices. Here I replaced both but sometimes only one is bad. They are marked Side A and Side B so make sure you order the correct one if you are just getting one. I would suggest replacing both.

Last I show you what to do if the pool has good suction but the MX8 is moving very slowly. You will need to replace the Engine Assembly and possibly the two bearings.

Like the Zodiac Polaris cleaners I noticed there are several bearings in the MX8 cleaner. I would say after maybe five or six years all the bearings will need to be replaced to keep the cleaner working fine. The good thing about the MX8 is that the parts are easy to change and relatively inexpensive. You can keep this thing going for several years just by changing parts. Not a bad thing but I guess not a good thing either ;)

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Leaf Canister Adapter part: Baracuda MX8 Cleaner Leaf Catcher Hose Adaptor X77094
-seen at the testing stage in the video.

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