‚ÄčAmazing jewelry ideas for you and your girlfriends

Having beautiful jewelry plays a huge part in our overall appearance, it gives us that little extra to make our overall look pop and appear more elegant. Sometimes, we might find it hard to find jewelry that we like that can match our clothes and give us the original look we had in mind. So, in this video, we are sharing with you how you can create your own jewelry using items you already have in your own home.

If you all set for spring and you are looking for a way to rick your style by creating your own earrings, then you will love this trick we have for you! We show you how you can create your own bohemian style earrings using paper clips as a base and embroidery thread to create the little pom-poms.

For those of you who love to have some color and mystery on your jewelry, we show you how you can create your own mood pendant using color changing nail polish and some resin. This hack is ideal if you are looking for something different that you can gift to your best friends as well. You can then both tell in what mood you are in and you can have fun with it.

We also show you how you can create your own hair accessories using nail polish and some craft wire. Simply wrap the craft wire around a circular object like a pen and then unfold it in such a way that it forms the pedals. Just like we show you in the video. After that, dip each little craft wire in some nail polish and let it dry by positioning it upwards. You can then crop the bottom wire, place it on a hair accessory and there you have it. Your very own colorful hair accessory.

All of us have some washers in our tools to do some handy work, so why not turn them into amazing jewelry using nail polish and some jewelry string. Choose your favorite color nail polish and some matching thread, paint them and then using a toothpick create awesome patterns on it. You can follow the designs we created if you like. Then, attach the string just as we did in the video and you are ready to go. You can create matching bracelets and necklaces for you and your friends.

Watch our whole video to find out all of the brilliant jewelry you can create and get inspiration for your own jewelry as well.

0:33 - Awesome bohemian earrings
2:54 - Brilliant way to repurpose washers
4:20 - Best collection of jewelry crafts
4:25 - DIY amethyst jewelry
5:29 - Awesome jewelry organizer
7:30 - Colorful braided bracelets
11:09 - Repurpose an old chain into amazing jewelry
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