Starting To Make Beads With Polymer Clay Tutorial

Welcome to polymer clay a simple enough looking medium that can be extremely intimidating if you dont know the basics of how to handle the clay. The key is to just have some fun and dont worry if its not perfect if you dont like your mix move on and use it for something else. Remember we can always use bead filler so theres no waste !
To make the mark it tool
To make the needle tool
To make the Bead roller
My original designs are free to use in all your personal work for craft fairs and art shows however if you are to copy them for sale or reproduction in videos or on the internet you need my express written permission .
To make pod beads
To make the pencil stroke flowers
To make the brush stroke flower
To make the leaf cane
To make the lentil bead
To make the swirled leaf beads
To make the basketweave cane
To make the Natasha beads
To make the fantasy leaf cane
To buy a clay blade , acrylic stamping block and Acrylic rolller check out ebay, wish and ali express to find the best price for your area.
Another great place to buy polymer clay and supplies