Midnight Sparkle and Gaea Everfree's Revenge

After Lady Tirek was defeated, Twivine decided to return back to the Everfree forest while the other ponies celebrated their victory. Meanwhile in the human world, a crystal prep student named Human Delta. confronts Sci Twi and Sunset and introduced to them an even more powerful Midnight Sparkle and Gaea Everfree. The girls try to stop them, but they were too strong. The Mane 5 came just in time but they were too late. Human Delta has already sent Midnight Sparkle and Gaea Everfree to Equestria to find Princess Twilight and wreak havoc. He has also transformed into a demon thanks to Midnight Sparkle. The Humane 7 must defeat him in order to get to Equestria.

TwilitWing as Human Twilight and Princess Twilight
Wubcake as Sunset Shimmer
DaWillstanator as Human Delta Brony
Chi Chi (Chisaanai) as Fluttershy, Twivine Sparkle and Rainbow Dash
RawrKittyPanda as Midnight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer
LalaLexxi as Gaea Everfree

MLP by Hasbro