How to strip your plastic miniatures/models fast and cheap (Tips & Talk Ep 7)

How to strip your miniatures fast and effectively on the cheap. Do not confuse methylated spirits for white spirits as they are two different things and white spirit will react with the plastic. Only use this method on plastic and metal miniatures as it does react with some resins. Hang tight for a couple more videos on this subject. Next will probably be a follow up to this video as there is usually some things I forget to mention that you will all end up asking me about and then I will show you how great ultrasonic cleaners are and what type you are better off getting.
You can find Methylated Spirits in most large supermarkets (like ASDA in the UK) and hardware stores as well as a lot of pound shops
Other names for Meths in places like the US are...
Denatured Alcohol
Methylated Alcohol
There are more names but these are two I am sure are the same product. My best advice for anyone outised the UK is to do some quick research on what Methylated Spirits is called in your country if it isnt any of the 3 names I have mentioned. I have found several different names but dont want to post and find some of them are inccorect and unwittingly ruin someones model or have them using something particularly harmful