How To Fire Roll Cotton Fabric, Replenishing My Ashes And Char Cloth Supplies

How to Fire Roll Cotton Fabric. If you've mastered the cotton and ashes fire roll, the jute, and yucca fibers too... then your next challenge can be the cotton fabric fire roll. In this video, I explain how to deal with all the challenges... a leading edge that keeps unraveling, the ideal size of fabric to use, what indicates that you're close to success, etc. Yesterday, I got it on the first try. Today, it took 3 tries. LOL! Also since I'm completely out of char cloth and low on ashes, I'll use this video as an opportunity to replenish my supplies. Come have a look and see if you'd like to try this more difficult fire roll... Please SUBSCRIBE at the end of the video. Thanks!
*** Check out boggycreekbeast channel for multiple videos on Fire Rolls made from natural sources. Pretty much all of us learned this technique directly or indirectly from Tim/Boggycreekbeast
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