How I make DIY lids for my camp cook set

I make lids for my 600ml Snow Peak titanium cup with a tin can. After cutting the top off the can with a hacksaw I drill a hole and attach a wooden doorknob. When you are boiling water it's best to have a lid on the pot or cup because it'll boil a lot faster (some say 8 times faster with a lid) Snow Peak make the best cookware for the ultra light weight camper but unfortunately there is no lid for their smaller cups ;-(

You ca easily attach a knob to other camping cook sets like Trangia, MSR or Kovea. Wood is great for the knob because you won't burn your hands!!!

This is a follow up to my video "My Ultra Light Camp Cooking" where you'll see the entire snow peak cook set in action. We have lots of camping gear and adventure videos at Bush Channel so stick around.

1:00 Cutting the can with hack saw
2:00 Drilling the hole
2:39 cutting the screw with angle grinder
3:48 filing the screw

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