Building Precious Plastics Shredder Out of Wood? Part 1: 027

I show how I plan to change Dave's shredder design (of Precious Plastics) to remove the need for welding and reduce the cost of fabrication. I also explain how linear actuators work.

My goals are simple
1. reduce the number of special order parts
2. power it with single phase power
3. Reduce the cost by lowing the amount of steel used
4. Minimize the amount of metal work in general, or tools specific to metal work.

Things I forgot to mention...
1. The case will be lined with sheet metal to reduce abrasion on the inside of the shredder.
2. I am using a double nut and a lock washer in the assemble as well to reduce the chance the blades will slip.
3. Even though it looks like the setup is for belts, I plan to use direct drive. from the gear box to the shredder. This was just a fast way to demonstrate the speed reduction. You can see what I have in mind better in the model I show at the end.

I tried several different temperatures and added weights while it was heating but I was never satisfied with the quality. HDPE just doesn't flow at any temperature. I think the only solution is smaller chips.

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Final Note:
PLEASE UNDERSTAND...I receive hundreds of messages on all platforms (email, Facebook, Instagram, comments, etc) asking for advice, and help with projects. At this volume, I simply can't do one on one advice. I have tried to help enough times to know I should never assume I have all the relevant information in the message, and even basic questions can produce a lot of followup questions. I do read all the questions, and if I get the same ones over and over I make videos about it to help lots of people. Thanks for your understanding on this.