One Guy Saved 600 Passengers Abandoned by Their Captain

You might think that the times of the Titanic are long gone, but what if I told you that less than 20 years ago there was another ship that almost followed in the steps of the Titanic? This time, abandoned by their captain, around 600 passengers would have lost their lives if not for the quick-thinking and courageous cruise ship entertainers.

The Oceanos, built in France and first launched in July 1952, was a Greek-owned cruise ship. On August 3, 1991, after a serious delay, it set off from East London, South Africa, on its fateful voyage toward Durban. Even before the journey started, the ship had already started to wear...

"Sail-away" party where everything went wrong 1:06
Monster waves 1:54
Where's the crew, btw?! 4:04
Guitarist Moss Hills springs into action 5:34
How the rescue mission was going 8:33
Where is the Oceanos now? 10:02

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The cruise ship Oceanos leaving Piraeus Harbor on June 1986: By Peter J. Fitzpatrick -, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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- The Oceanos, built in France and first launched in July 1952, was a Greek-owned cruise ship that traveled along the Marseilles - Madagascar – Mauritius route.
- Usually, the ship's crew would’ve organized a "sail-away" party with the entertainers and musicians on the deck outside. But everything seemed to be going wrong this time.
- The problem was that, in an attempt to make up for the previous delay, the Oceanos entered rough seas. But it turned out to be a fatal mistake.
- The situation was much, much more dangerous because the Oceanos encountered rogue waves, also called monster waves. They’re incredibly large and unexpected; they appear all of a sudden and can wreck even large ships and ocean liners.
- The ocean water was flooding the ship through the main drainage pipes, which meant that it was uncontrollably spilling out of toilets, showers, and the water disposal system.
- As soon as the crew realized that the ship was beyond hope and couldn't be saved, they got ready to abandon it. They didn’t follow the standard procedure of locking the portholes on the lower decks, and they even failed to raise the alarm!
- The captain and his crew weren't going to save the day. They departed on several lifeboats without looking back. Luckily, the ship still had its entertainers.
- Moss Hills performed on the Oceanos as a singer and guitarist. He could tell that the ship was having a problem, but at that time, he hadn't realized yet how serious the situation was.
- As soon as Hills realized the horror of the situation, as well as the fact that they couldn't expect any help from the panicking crew, he sprang into action.
- The South African Air Force and the South African Navy sent 16 rescue helicopters that were to arrive at any moment.
- Meanwhile, Moss Hills organized an orderly evacuation process where children and women were the first to use the remaining lifeboats.
- All 571 people who were on board the ship after the crew abandoned it were saved. Moss and Tracy Hills, as well as Butler and Boltman, were among the last to leave the ship.
- At about 3:30 PM the next day, the Oceanos touched the sand bottom, 300 ft (90 m) below the ocean’s surface.

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