Clean & Protect Your MAC LIVE!

Learn how to Clean and Protect your Mac with these simple tips, tricks, and tools (most of which are free).

Links to Software/Products Mentioned:

Protect Your Mac:
Adware Medic **NOTE: AdwareMedic is now MalwareBytes for Mac***

Detect X:

Malwarebytes Pro for Windows (if you run Windows on your Mac)


Remove Duplicates:
iPhoto Library Manager (just for iPhoto):
Power Photos:

Parallels Desktop 11 for Mac:

Locations of Library Files to Potentially Clear Out
Go to “GO” in the top menu bar and hold down “option” so that “Library” is revealed.
Go into Library... Application Support and look for MobileSync and SyncServices. You can safely clear the contents of both provided you have your devices (iPhone/iPad) backing up to iCloud.

Location of Apple Loops (Do not remove if you may ever use Garageband)
Macintosh HD...Library...Audio...Apple Loops (also GarageBand)

Gemini (removing duplicates): (USA link)