How to design and build your own car

I decided to post a this video explaining how I built my car because many people were asking questions about it on my previous videos. I couldn't explain all the things in detail because its hard to do so in a 15 minute video but hopefully this will give you an overview of the main steps you need to take to design and build your own car.

Here's a link for the dimensions of the chassis:

This is a car I designed and built my self. Its powered by a Honda engine which I turbo charged.The transmission was a manual transmission from a Honda Civic which I converted to automated manual so it would change the gears and operate the clutch by its self. The performance was pretty impressive and by the end I also managed to get the suspension setup just right, so the balance of the car was perfect even with almost 70% of the weight over the rear axle.

The car was a joy to drive and managed some very impressive performance figures. I will continue to improve this car when ever I find time.

The engine was a i4 from a Honda Civic
The car weighs around 500kg
Suspension was fully adjustable push rod front and rear
Power was close to 200hp with turbo at 10psi boost
0-100km/h time was around 5 sec
Brakes were single piston caliper disc brakes from a Honda civic
Steering was rack and pinion 2 rotations lock to lock
Transmission was a Honda Civic manual transmission converted to automated manual