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If you're the standard Beautyblender obsessee, you own multiple sponges in every variant it has to offer. Pink, purple, white, black, and neon-green sponges have taken over your makeup bag or vanity, and you're proud of it! These sponges symbolize what it means to "get" makeup: it separates those who are serious about makeup application from those who aren't that passionate. When you see someone bust out a pink blender to apply foundation, highlighter, or even bronzer, you know they mean business. One might think there isn't much to using the blender: just wet, dab, and apply to your skin for a flawless finish, right? But there are actually several ways you're incorrectly using the blender and possibly endangering its lifespan! (Cue the screams.) In an effort to keep your blenders safe from harm's way, check out the video to learn what to avoid when it comes to using your blender, and let us know your favorite way to use it! On Kirbie: Rebecca Taylor dress, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Bacca.

Kirbie Wearing Rebecca Taylor Dress

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