pendant inspired by the clock hands with stones without holes full version ( slow ) 287

pendant inspired by the clock hands with stones without holes
Tutorials copper wire pendant - How to make pendant inspired by the clock hands (clock Needle) with stones without holes
wire size to make wire wrapped stone diameter less 1cm (can + a few centimeters to depreciate)
19 gauge ( wire diameter 0,95mm ) : 20cm ( 8 inch)
21 gauge ( wire diameter 0,7mm ) : 20cm ( 8 inch)
28 gauge ( wire diameter 0.3mm ) : 100cm ( 40 inch)

- Before doing, the wire should always be straightened, to bending is even and more beautiful
- Can use a towel to straighten the wire
- It is difficult to see the wrapping clearly, so wrap as you like. Different wrapping way will produce different patterns
- Regularly adjusted to the wrap wire closer together to have beautiful products
- End wires need cutting slanted wire and squeezing to avoid scraping the skin
- I just give way reference, not the best way. You can change to suit the stone you have or for your own purposes. You can do better than me.
The new video will have 2 versions fast and slow will be up at the same time. The information about the next video will be updated on my website
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I know wire wrap in late 2011. before starting do guidance at the end of 2016, I had 5 years make to sell.
I rarely watch the tutorial of others, I often search for ideas on Pinterest, not only from wire jewelry, from other forms of handicrafts, from the drawings and from everything around me. then I follow my imagination. I seek to the simple and easy understand to guide. with new pattern I have to do a few times before success