#133: How to Build a 40 Gallon Breeder Aquarium Stand for $25 DIY Wednesday

Proceed at your own risk, I'm not a structural engineer and claim no responsibility for your own stands!

The total cost per stand comes out to just about $25 at a home improvement store.

The materials you are going to need for this project include:
• FIVE 2x4s x8ft long (per stand)
• 5 lb of 2.5" decking screws (which will build 4 or 5 stands)
• 4ftx8ft x ¾" polystyrene (which will build 5 stands)

The lumber cuts are as follows:
Top and Bottom Frames:
4x: 3'-3/16"
5x: 1'-3-1/4"
Long Legs: 4x: 2'-6"
Load Bearing Legs: 4x: Approx. 1'11" (measure each and cut a hair long for a snug fit)
Side Handles: 2x: 1'-6-1/4"

Here is a link to the sketchup file: http://gregjonesonline.com/files/40-breeder-stand.skp Do you own an aquarium? Would you like to help support this channel? Subscribe to My Aquarium Box to get the world's first subscription box for aquarium hobbyists delivered to your door once per month: