Blacksmith Bending Machine K2

IRSTAL Producent Maszyn Kowalskich Ireneusz Rosołowski
+48 664 069 806
e-mail: [email protected]
Furmańska 26, 18-520 Stawiski, podlaskie, Poland

Blacksmith bender allows bending of a section bar, a flat bar on a edge, a circular and square wire into circles, arches, decorative elements of various diameters. A three-column pillar with a stand has a rotating bearing arm with lever, roller and clamp to which the plate is attached from 500 mm (in the application of a registered pattern from 500 mm to 600 mm) having holes under the bones, arches, pressure and bending rollers. On the pole there is a bumper and a clamp for twisting the rods. The maximum cross-sections of bent materials are: rod 25x25, rod ø20, flat bar 40x16, tube ø40, profile 40x40x3 mm.