How To Paint Countertops Look Like Granite NO Sanding $25 Step by Step

Paint your Countertops to look like granite! This is the easiest countertop project & is long lasting. I first did my actual countertops well over four years ago and they always looked the same. They've never chipped, peeled, or faded. Be sure to get the oil based poly that's what makes this water & heat resistant plus so durable! Oil and water doesn't mix so when you get this wet water will bead up and roll without penetrating threw the poly. On the other hand .... water based and water DOES mix so when it gets wet the water and water base merges together causing your countertops to be ruined in six months or so. I promise they will be destroyed if you use ANY kind of water based as a sealer. I can't stress how important this is!!!!!
We are getting a new house so I'll be making an updated version of this video. If you have any Questions you'd like me to answer send to me by email and I'll try to address it in my new video.
One thing I've changed since this video ... I do this project now with wadded plastic bags instead of sponges. I think it has a more natural look and I personally LOVE the texture.

In this video I related to my sink covers as cutting boards. Just so you know they are sink covers. The day we recorded this I could not think of Sink Covers. It would NOT be recommended at ALL to do this on an actual cutting board unless it was only for display or showing purposes.
Feel free to share your pictures by email. THANK YOU for Watching!! I hope you enjoy your counter project & love the new look of your kitchen.

OH BTW ... yes you can do this on bathroom counters ... nothing changes do the same thing and again oil based.
YES - you can use cleaner just as you would. Any cleaner except the ones that contain bleach or Clorox. Bleach will eat away at the poly.
I've used 409, Fantastic, Windex, Awesome, Mean Green just a number of diff products throughout the years ... none of these will hurt it.

I added one coat of poly the night I did this project ... then again the following morning and once more that second night making it three total coats. You need to wait at least two days after your last coat before using your counters. They may feel dry to the touch the next day but do not sit anything heavy on em.
You can get cha a board of some sort and sit that over your sink if you do not have sink covers.

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Pictures of viewers countertops that sent in their before and after results

1 QT Kilz Oil Based PRIMER
1 QT Minwax "Clear Coat Polyurethane"
Sponges "The Square Ones Flex Best"
Rollers, "smooth surface"
A paper plate
Acrylic paint - colors of your choice "Basic Craft Paint"
Painter Tape "If you prefer"
Small pack of Foam Brushes as seen in the video, Referred to as dobbers to get corners.
I found if you use the cheap dollar SQUARE SPONGE in the Cleaning dept they are easier to work with.

PS you can practice this project on poster board to help you see how your counters will look.
Keep in mind ... the paint will be DULL on the poster board vs adding clear gloss poly.

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