Becoming a Doula with Domino Kirke from Carriage House Birth

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Episode 13 - Becoming a Doula with Domino Kirke from Carriage House Birth in New York, New York. Welcome everyone to Episode 13! I am very excited to introduce you to Doula Domino Kirke, she co-founded Carriage House Birth which is a collective of doulas within New York City. For those of you who don’t know, doulas are with and help a soon-to-be mother through labor. They offer assistance and support. My wife and I have used one in the past, and she was a big help in relieving some of the stress of the unknown and helping to provide that needed support to my wife. I believe that this is a great career that can be done either full time or part time. Also, as an example, perhaps this could be a career for a mother who wants to get back into the workforce, but still wants some flexibility with her time. Domino Kirke talks about what doulas can offer as far as job duties, what salaries can be, how to establish yourself as a doula, she answers the question on if you need a certification and which one to choose, and much, much more.

One last thing, I was pretty revved up and stressed trying to get the kids out of the house so I could do this podcast. And just Domino put herself out there, I could feel myself de-stressing. It was pretty cool to reflect back on that happening.

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