New To Me, 1912 Wood Lathe Back To Use!

Cleaning and setting up a beautiful early 20th century wood lathe made by "Officine Manfredi Bongioanni" In Fossano, Italy.
I love this kind of old and super heavy cast iron tools. So glad I have been able to pick this one up to use it for my projects and to have fun! Also very cool to see how a solid, and well mantained tool can hold up to time this well!
I was not able to find much information about this tool, here in Europe is rare to find precise information or old catalogue for tools, if you know anything be sure to let me know and I'll add it to the description. Thank you!

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Index of operation and materials:
To clean the lathe from old wood dust and oil mixture I followed this procedure:
1:22 Remove most of the dust with card scraper or spatula
1:27 Apply de-greaser
1:29 Bush off as best and hard as possible what comes off
1:35 Clean residue with rag
2:10 Oxide film on the ways have been removed with a super fine abrasive pad on the angle grinder
2:30 I tired for the first time a PTFE dry lubrificant, it dries quick and seems to cover well. Not sure how durable it is yet. I'll test this more!
3:06 Small parts are cleaned on my freshly restored bench grinder with a steel wire wheel
7:28 I cleaned the bushings oiler port as best as I could without letting anything get into the oil. Off camera I also flattened the covers so they now sit flush and really block the oil ports
8:30 All bearing on this machine were in great shape.
10:15 Grease for the open bearings
11:12 White and thick solvent based paint for steel
11:35 Re purposing an old 380V switch, mounted in a convinient position
11:55 I know... I need to make a key for that!

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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