Sofa Table Montage

We don't have a coffee table, we have soft "poofs" to put our feet up on. It's great with a toddler to have a couple less hard corners for her to crash into. However, it left us with no place to place a drink, and the remotes were susceptible to being constantly lost in the cushions since the couch was the only place to keep them.

My wife found these sofa tables on Pinterest and pointed them out and said, "Make this."

So I did.

I am VERY new to woodworking, which will surely show throughout this video. I'm by no means claiming an expertise here. But, it was a fun project and is serving its purpose very well.

The great things about doing this myself/yourself, it's much cheaper than if we tried to buy a piece for the same thing (All-in it was about 50 bucks, not counting tools. But, I kept the tools used to quite a small list, and they're great to have and I'll use them for a long time to come), I was able to customize it to match the size of the back of the couch exactly, we revived the usefulness of the outlet behind the couch with some cool functionality (USB ports ftw!), I had a great time doing the whole thing, I learned a lot about the whole process (they don't tell you how much finishing is the majority of the work with woodworking!) and things I'll be glad I know for future projects (stay tuned!), and I get to be proud of the finished project. It's pretty darn great to be able to say, "I built that."

If you're watching this, I hope you get something good out of it.

2 - 2x2x8 pine
2 - 1x2x8 pine
1 - 1x6x8 pine
Minwax Dark Walnut stain
Minwax Weathered Gray stain
Minwax water-based Polyurethane
World's cheapest miter box & saw
Porter-cable sander
Ryobi drill and world's cheapest drill bits
Coping Saw
120 & 300 grit sand paper