My NEW Room Tour! | Back to School Senior Year

Today I’ll give y'all a #tour of my NEW #room! I’ll walk you through each item in my bedroom, and where everything is from. Links to the items shown are all down below! Be sure to comment which part of my room is your favorite!

✅ Check out my photo presets HERE:

Since I'll be moving out of my parents house next year for college, (😳) they let me redo my bedroom so that it can also serve as a guest room after I move out! I’m glad they let me redecorate this last year, because it’s seriously SO CUTE! #roomtour Totally my style! I'll have to take some of these things with me to #school!

Most of all my old furniture / decor was made up random pieces that I somehow ended up with over the years. A little of this, a little of that, all put together in a cute way... but it’s nice to have an actual theme to my room like Rylan and Brooklyn & Bailey! Everything looks SO GOOD together, I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Which part of my new bedroom look is your favorite?? #bedroomtour Be sure to comment below!

Most of the bedroom / decor items shown in video can be found HERE:

Bed Area:
* Bed:
* White Night Stands:
* Duvet:
* Grey Quilt:
* Pillows (bed & loft):
* Lamps:
* Accessories on Night Stand:
* Full Length Mirror:
* Giraffe: Local Zoo in DFW
* Framed Woven Artwork:
* Rug (similar options):

Window Decor:
* Ladder: Local Antique Store
* Plants:
* Plant Hangers: &
* Glass Globes:
* Moss Balls:
* String Lights:
* Jute to Hang Items:

Desk Area:
* Desk:
* White Bookshelves:
* Chair:
* Desk Lamp:
* Plants:
* Cameras: Local Antique Mall
* Wooden Beads (similar):
* Books: repurposed, already owned
* Butterflies: repurposed, already owned
* Map: repurposed, already owned
* Basket & Wooden Bowl: repurposed, already owned
* Basket w/ Lid: Recent trip to Bali
* Paperclip Stand:

Loft Area:
* Sofa:
* Mirror:
* Side Table: repurposed, already owned
* Lamp: repurposed, already owned
* Plants: &
* Wall Photos:
* Record Player:
* Vinyl Records: Local antique store
* Light Fixture:
* LED string lights (similar):
* Throw Blanket: Repurposed, already owned

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