Project Two Stroke Pt 1: Watch Aaron Colton Fully Rebuild a 2006 Yamaha YZ125

► Watch Aaron put the rebuilt bike to the test:
Aaron Colton is an absolute bad dude on a motorcycle. The globetrotting stuntman can do things on two wheels, or one wheel for that matter, that most only dream about. Building and maintaining his fleet of bikes in Garage 93, the full-blown race shop attached to his home, Colton has built a solid reputation for the epic builds he’s produced over the last few years.

For this year’s Red Bull Day in The Dirt he decided it was time to build and race the dirt bike he dreamed about as a kid: a 2006 YZ125. Follow Colton into Garage 93 for Episode 1, as he goes all-in on his two-stroke dream build and gets it dialed in for the Fastest Party in Town.

3:13 "Wa Ba Bam" by Vision (Sounds of Red Bull):

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Project Two-Stroke Pt 1: Watch Aaron Colton Fully Rebuild a 2006 Yamaha YZ125