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Jackie Chan’s endured a tremendous amount of punishment over his fifty-year career, but somehow the Hong Kong legend is still alive and kicking.
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When it comes to Jackie Chan movies, the beloved actor, singer, and stuntman is known for one thing above all else: The incredible Jackie Chan stunts that are the trademark of every Jackie Chan movie. The Drunken Master has done his own stunts for years, which has resulted in a litany of Jackie Chan injuries that would leave lesser actors six feet under.

As evidenced by the brutal Jackie Chan bloopers, Jackie Chan outtakes, and Jackie Chan moments he includes at the end of his films, this legend has a sense of humor about all the times he’s been Jackie Chan injured in a stunt gone wrong. The master of action comedy is more than just a series of Jackie Chan fighting and Jackie Chan stunt scenes, but over his long career full of amazing movies like Rumble in the Bronx, Rush Hour, Supercop, Police Story, City Hunter, and far more, the martial arts icon is most famous for his endurance and indestructibility. When you see a Jackie Chan stunt, you know that there’s a real person there, suffering for his art, but surviving to become a legend around the world.

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