*NEW* AURA SKIN Showcase with All Fortnite Dances & Emotes! (Fortnite Item Shop May 7)

*NEW* Aura! Aura Skin just got released in the Season 8 Fortnite Item Shop May 7th right before Fortnite Season 9! This uncommon Aura Skin costs 800 VBucks and it comes along with New Guild Skin. The uncommon Aura Skin is not part of any set and it comes along with uncommon Guild Skin.

If you're struggling to spending your VBucks on this new Aura skin and wonder how this skin would look in game and specially with your favorite Fortnite dance or emote then, this video is meant for you!

All Fortnite dances and emotes are shown in this video including the Scenario emote. If you enjoyed and never want to struggle getting a new skin then, make sure subscribe for more Fortnite skin showcase videos.

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