Drill Press Vice

I've been managing for a few years now with one Drill Press Vice. This hasn't been ideal for use with both metalwork and woodwork. I use oil when I'm drilling steel and I'm not that careful with it, so when it comes to woodworking the oil and grime that accumulates ends up finding its way on to the wood. So I decided to make a second vice to use just for woodwork. It was an easy build and will come in very handy.

I could have made it in lots of different ways but decided to do it in the most simple way I could think of. I've found from my other recent projects that quite a few comments I receive lean towards the want for something simple, quick and easy to make. The good news - this all that's required for a great drill press vice. No need for any metal runners or ripping down hardwood, plywood is more than sufficient. Also I made it so no rebates needed cutting, the plywood pieces create the rebate when assembled. Also I've added a pdf with the dimensions I used. It can be found here http://paskmakes.com/plans/

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