Want to learn how to BUNNY HOP 180 on BMX in a matter of MINUTES?
HERE; 4 Steps to How to BUNNY HOP 180 [BMX 2017] from a flat surface.

1. Ride with medium speed and spin at 90*.
2. You should jump in the direction of rotation. Spin in the air and keep your eyes on the landing spot at all times.
3.Towards the end of the spin, bring up your legs as high as you can to level up you bike/bmx 2017 and land on both wheels.
To get a feel for how the tricks works you can start by landing at 90. Then spin with your bmx harder to complete the bunny hop 180
4. Use your arms and legs to reduce the bmx impact!

Here's an extremely easy step-by-step tutorial for HOW TO BUNNY HOP 180 - BMX 2017 that will get you off the ground in no time!

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