How to Workout at Home for Teenagers

This video is a follow-up video to my "How to Lose Weight for Teenagers" video. In the video, I show you guys how you can chose to do 4 different exercises and do them at home. You can chose from the 4 different exercises and do one of them for 30 minutes once a day along with sit-ups and squats. Your workout should take a total of only 45 minutes to complete each day. You only have to workout 4 times a week, but if you feel like you have eaten bad, I recommend you workout that day too. The waist trainer I use is from Lily's Deals and it was around $40. If you Google it you will find it.

I truly hope this video helps teenagers get into better shape and know they don't have to do to a gym to workout and they can do it in their home. I do it everyday in my home to keep the weight off.

Love you all and stay healthy!!!


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