How to fix a stuck key on the New Macbook Pro Butterfly Keyboard

If you have been experiencing stuck keys on the new Macbook Pro, this tutorial will show you how to fix the problem.

Apple have Provided some support notes on how to do it so I have provided you with a link below:

Sticky keys are not uncommon, and usually occur if dust or food particles become lodged in the spaces between the keys. In the past you could dislodge the keys and clean them, however with the new Macbook Pro since the late model released in 2016 it is no longer possible to remove the keys without damaging them, so in this tutorial I will show you how to safely remove the dust from your keyboard.

I have heard reports that this issue has affected all Macbook Pros with the new butterfly keyboard mechanism which ranges from 2016, 2017 and 2018 models.

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