Onenote for Mac Tutorial: Top 5 Things You'll Want to Know

Onenote for Mac Tutorial: Here are 5 of the most popular tasks you'll want to know how to do in OneNote.

Topics Include:

How to Rotate a PDF 0:05
How to Find a Deleted Note 0:46
How to Send Notes 1:20
How to Use Tags 2:02
How to Move a Page 2:52

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How to rotate a PDF in OneNote For Mac

Step 1: Insert a PDF onto a page. For example, I’ll insert “A Six Step Problem Solving Model” published by Yale University. Notice that the PDF is automatically inserted vertically.

Step 2: To rotate the PDF, right-click on the PDF and select rotate. You can then select your choice, for example, rotate left 90 degrees. Notice that when this occurs, only the single page of the PDF you selected is rotated.

To rotate every page of the PDF, press command + a to select the entire PDF, and then right click and select rotate.

How to Find Deleted Notes in OneNote for Mac
To find a deleted note, follow these 2 simple steps.

Step 1. Click on “view”.

Step 2. Click on the arrow beside the “deleted notes” icon. Select “ View deleted notes”.

All of your deleted notes will be displayed. To restore a note, press “control” and click on the note. This action will restore the note to its previous notebook and section. Notice that all notes in the “deleted notes” section are permanently deleted after 60 days.

Tags are a great way to help you organize tasks, make important details stand out, and search your notes more easily.

To insert a tag, follow these 2 simple steps.

Step 1: View Tag options. To do this, you can A) Hover over the “tag” box and click on the down arrow to access all available tags. B) Click on format, tag, and select a tag. C) Use a shortcut, as you can see here.

As you can see, there are many tag items to choose from, such as to-do, or source for article, or remember for later.
Step 2: Select your tag, and position it within your note. Tags, like any item in your note, can be moved around and positioned anywhere. This makes creating an efficient layout quite easy.

How to send notes via email in OneNote for Mac

Step 1: To send a note via email, open the note you want to share.

Step 2: Click file, share. Under “Share” You you have 2 options that pertain to email: send as a message, or a PDF.

When you send as a message, OneNote opens your default email client with your note as text in its body. In contrast, if you select “Send as PDF”, Onenote will open your default email client with your note inserted as a PDF.

For additional options, click on the dropdown arrow and select markup or more. Markup will allow you to “mark-up” the PDF, while “More” will open up a third-party extensions tab.

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