Best Way to Clean Wood & Laminate Floors from Zep

Put the finishing touches on your renovation or stock essentials for your cleaning crew with Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner from Zep. You only need a small amount for a glossy, high-shine look with a fresh scent. The best way to clean wood and laminate floors with Zep is with refillable spray mops, but the cleaner also works well with soft cloths or microfiber mops.

How to clean hardwood and laminate floors with Zep:

1. Sweep the space to eliminate dust and debris before applying floor cleaner
2. Spray a light mist over a 6ft x 6ft square area, or mist from refillable mop

Do not pour hardwood floor and laminate cleaner directly on the floor, and avoid sponges, string mops or saturated cloths.

3. Mop or wipe and move on to the next area
4. For tough marks and stains, spray directly and wipe as needed with clean cloth
5. Let dry
6. Follow up with application of Zep Hardwood and Laminate Floor Refinisher to revitalize worn-looking floors and repair scratched finishes

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Clean like you've never seen.
- Follow Instructions for Use and Care
- Wear eye protection and chemical resistant gloves and shoes. Masks and proper ventilation may also be required. Refer to the most current safety data sheet.