DIY industrial farmhouse style home decor | pottery barn inspired | BeeisforBeeauty

This video is about diy pottery barn and joanna gaines fixer upper farmhouse rustic style home decor. These are much more affordable options to get a quick and easy farmhouse look in your home for less!
All products mentioned and more, are listed below!

-------- FLORAL ---------

pre made affordable boxwood topiary:

fall maple and mum floral pick:

sunflower pick:

boxwood tile:

-------- GALVANIZED -------

galvanized oval tubs:

Galvanized Round Trays:

galvanized tub:

Small Galvanized Bin:

Galvanized 2-Tier Round Serve:

Media Galvanized Tray:

galvanized 3d letters:

flat letters:

--------- WOOD ----------

6 Piece Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set:

grey wash wood plaque:

wood blessed sign:

wood tier tray:

white wash wood bin:

large wood plaque:

small wood plaque:

wood crate:

dark stain wood bin:

-------- OTHER / SUPPLIES ----------

Mason jar glasses:

crystal knobs:

industrial glue:

wood glue:

wood stains:
grey -
dark walnut-

paint brush set:

2-Gallon Beverage Dispenser:

small wood lamp:

large wood lamp:

lamp shades
small -
large -

white simple coffee table: DIY

white X coffee accent table: DIY
the same style shown in this video...

affordable premade coffee table:

poly wood finish:

pure acetone:

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