HOUSEPLANT TOUR | SUMMER 2018 | Crazy Plant Guy

Here it is Plantaholics! My houseplant tour summer edition. I had hoped that I would have more of my shelves in to organize my plants before we do this plant tour, but that's ok, we'll save that for maybe a fall edition house plant tour :).

I shot this with my iPhone 8 and I used a Gimbal for more of a smooth shot. I really wanted you guys to feel like you were inside my home. Let me know if you guys think?

In this houseplant tour, you'll meet some of my new members, like the String of Hearts, Rubber Plants, Bird of Paradise and a lot of Hoya's :) and see all the growth thats going on with some of my plants you've become familiar with, like the spider plant, alocasia, monstera deliciosa from Walmart, pilea peperomiodes and many more.


Products Used To Film This Video
Iphone 8:
Smooth Q Gimbal:

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