How To Clean Rain Boots

How To Clean Rain Boots We love to wear rain boots 409 Cleaner but they get muddy. Best way to clean rainboots. Rain boots are great to stomp around in the puddles and mud, keeping our feet warm and dry while saving our shoes from being ruined. All of this rainy, muddy weather leaves rain boots dirty and dull. Clean and shine your rain boots easily, and have them looking their best again. Rinse off all of the mud and grime, give them a spray with cleaner, scrub and rinse. Rinse rain boots upside down to keep water from filling them up. Allow your rain boots to air dry. Put a few sprays of Armour All on a paper towel and wipe to shine your rain boots like new. Dry and store your rubber rain boots away from direct heat, extreme cold, and sun. Follow these steps to keep your rain boots clean and shiny. Rubber rain boots last longer when you allow them to dry completely on the inside every time you wear them.



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