How to use 3D Final Touch on finish

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It's that final touch right before delivery of your vehicle. You've done all the detailing, on this vehicle. What we have left is some smudges here on the door from opening and closing making sure the car was in the vehicle was cleaned and inspected on your final delivery for your customer we have some of these smudges instead of pulling out waxes and degreasers and all sorts of cleaners we have a very mild wax and cleaner in FINAL TOUCH that we can simply mist on the vehicle and what it'll do is brighten and clean these smudges. It is even safe for your glass and leaves a little bit of a wax finish to it. So it gives you that nice bright shine that you already had but you accidentally maybe touched with your fingers or with wax or any
leftover residue you also can take final touch an clean your windows. It's safe for glass and can give you that streak free
finish you looking for without causing a hazy residue. We are also able to use 3d final touch as a light cleaner this car was just waxed a day ago got a little bit of light rain on it and some of the dust collected on here so be able to make sure we clean this mild dust off without ruining any of the wax we just put on 3D FINAL TOUCH is just
perfect for that as well also good for the plastics and glass that we just demonstrated and the smell is fantastic will go ahead and spray it directly onto the surface and using two rags just like waterless wash take and wipe up the dirt and take the dry one and buff in the shine. You want to do it on the plastics, and on the glass, you can do that as well. Take your dry towel and buff it in Leave you with that streak free clean window shine that you are looking. And there you go.
This was the dirt that we just pulled off the glass and now we have a nice clean streak-free shine and all the dirt is removed. Thank you for checking out 3D products and 3D's FINAL TOUCH. Don't forget it's also great for a clay lubricant.

After all the major steps in cleaning or detailing your car are done, you are now ready to put the icing on the cake. Making sure that the windows and panels are fingerprint and smudge free.

This Final Touch product from 3D is a light cleaner for removing smudges and prints on the car when the initial detailing procedure is done. You can also use this as your “re-touch” cleaner the day after your car wash. If it rained slightly or you left your car outside and the morning mist left spots of dirt, this would be your perfect water-less cleaner for that application.

3D Final Touch is also good for your interior plastics and the smell is fantastic!

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