I Want It Now! | Compilation | Little Princess

I Want to Play Football | Episode 24
Princess learns football is not a sport to be played indoors.

10:59 - I Want to Play in the Rain | Episode 25
The little princess wants to play outside in the rain, but nobody else in the castle will join her because they don't want get wet!

21:57 - I Want Baked Beans | Episode 26
Little Princess likes baked beans so much that she doesn't want to eat anything else... until she wonders if she's turning into one!

32:56 - I Don’t Want to Dance | Episode 27
Little Princess wants to skip her dancing classes when she gets bored of dancing like a butterfly. However, she discovers there's more to dancing than that.

43:55 - I Want to Go on Holiday | Episode 28
The young royal decides she would like to go on holiday, but has trouble finding someone to accompany her.

54:53 - I Want My Sheep | Episode 29
Little Princess is playing at being a vet. Initially startled at the appearance of a real sheep, she soon gets used to its presence.

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